When a new business is proposed in your area, we know you are concerned about how it might affect you, your home, and the community. However, with many economic development projects transparency, trust, and dialogue are nonexistent. We aim to be different. We want to engage and start a dialogue based on facts, not fear.

Like all of our operations, Georgia Stone Products intends to operate a safe, environmentally responsible, high-quality aggregate quarry to meet a growing Bartow County’s needs. Aggregate is the main component of roads, bridges, residential and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, and places of worship. The proposed project is an economic driver for the community, supporting employment and contributing significantly to the County’s tax base.

So why this location? In addition to the high-quality construction grade limestone deposit, this site is well situated on Georgia primary Route 140 near I-75, adjacent to compatible industrial uses with ample buffer to assure we are a good neighbor to the surrounding community. The site design is well thought out. Our commitment to be a good neighbor and environmental steward are primary design drivers.

With an anticipated investment of $40 million to develop this project, we do our due diligence to assure the project site is appropriate in all respects. Site evaluation requirements include geologic analysis, minerology testing, traffic safety, hydrology, threatened and endangered species, noise and vibration just to name a few.

We are confident this site can meet the growing needs of Bartow county in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Being a good neighbor means being a good listener, too. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to address your concerns. We’ve provided a variety of ways to do this to make it as easy as possible for you:


Project Information Open House:

Tuesday, September 28
5pm – 7 pm

Adairsville High School Cafeteria

Talk with our project manager:

Kenny Bradley, VP of Business Development

Kenny.bradley@georgiastoneproducts.com or (706) 961-9963

Visit one of operations to see how we operate:

Contact Kenny Bradley to schedule a tour.

Project Overview

  • Strategically located on Georgia primary Route 140, adjacent to compatible industrial uses.
  • Paved, landscaped entrance and turn lanes.
  • 715-acre parcel
  • 465 acres of buffer, setbacks and non-mining areas
  • Maximum disturbed acreage at any time: 250
  • 1000-foot buffer
  • Accessible, competitively priced high-quality, construction grade limestone aggregate required to support the growth of Bartow County and the surrounding region.
  • Outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen.

Community Investment

  • Support infrastructure needs of a growing Bartow County and surrounding area to improve safety and quality of life.
  • Provide affordable construction materials for area customers, including residents, employers and local and state governments.
  • Generate tax revenues for local government services, including road construction and maintenance, schools and public safety.
  • Create  8-12 direct full-time jobs, plus a jobs multiplier with vendors and road and residential/commercial builders who rely on aggregate for their businesses.

Responsible Site Design

  • Meet or exceed regulations and guidelines established by local, state and federal laws and regulatory agencies.
  • 465 of the 715 acres is buffer, setbacks, non-mining areas and natural landscape.
  • Large site with 1000’ buffer.
  • Gated, paved and landscaped entrance with turn lanes.
  • Ingress/Egress on designated primary road.
  • Situated with compatible industrial uses.
  • No residential wells within the Zone of Influence
  • Located over ½ mile from closest residence.
  • Plant and site grading designed to funnel stormwater runoff to containment ponds where it is then recycled for plant operations.
  • Protect air quality by following requirements to ensure emissions meet best available control technologies and are protective of public health.
  • Limestone deposit does not contain asbestos-form minerals and is extremely low in silica.

Good Neighbor

  • Typical operation 7 a.m. – 7p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Best of class equipment and procedures to suppress noise, control dust and manage water resources.
  • World Class Performance in employee safety, industrial health and environmental management systems.
  • Responsible Site Design with ample buffer. 
  • Invested in the community and dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen.